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Watch: not as silly as I thought

I have a theory where Apple is going with the watch. My initial reaction to the launch was “Ugh”. All I need in my life is yet another device to charge every night. If it had a SIM card & … Continue reading

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Part One of the Total Rewrite is finished, and it looks very good.Speed, simplicity, Bootstrap, jsdiffs, bindingsall very good. Code is clean,new features fit snuggly,as they should,it is a total rewrite One step left before part one is doneThat one … Continue reading

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Finding a nanny in Palo Alto

tl;dr In the Bay Area, works. Start your search 3 months before you need the hire, many great candidates are hired right away. Update Our nanny score for the last year: 5! That is 5 nannies in a bit … Continue reading

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Migrating from Picasa to Lightroom on OS X

Picasa team must be grumpy. Their baby has failed to thrive in Google’s cloud, the desire for images to be managed locally incompatible with Google’s dream. It took me a while to give up on it, I have 20K images, … Continue reading

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Our Eichler Remodel in Palo Alto

This was my third remodel in 14 years. First one was a transformation of a cottage in Old Palo Alto into a modern. It ended up looking great thanks to my architect dad. It was also over budget, and a … Continue reading

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QTKitPlayer XCode 3 port

I am back to hacking the Mac. It feels wonderful, why did I ever leave? Oh yes, when I left, we had no socket library or virtual memory, and I was writing a browser, and OS X was still way … Continue reading

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ReadyNAS and “Logon failure: account currently disabled”

This was the last bug I’ve encountered when trying to get my music collection running inside  a Squeezeserver. I’ve bought a ReadyNAS Duo, and created two public shares, Aleks & Ingrid. Those were also the login names on my XP … Continue reading

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