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Curing my chronic sinusitis

I am posting this, so I can point my friends to this post, instead of writing them long emails. I’ve been battling my sinuses since 1980s, and was cured in 2013. This is how it happened. What was it like? … Continue reading

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Watch: not as silly as I thought

I have a theory where Apple is going with the watch. My initial reaction to the launch was “Ugh”. All I need in my life is yet another device to charge every night. If it had a SIM card & … Continue reading

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Part One of the Total Rewrite is finished, and it looks very good.Speed, simplicity, Bootstrap, jsdiffs, bindingsall very good. Code is clean,new features fit snuggly,as they should,it is a total rewrite One step left before part one is doneThat one … Continue reading

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Finding a nanny in Palo Alto

tl;dr In the Bay Area, works. Start your search 3 months before you need the hire, many great candidates are hired right away. Update Our nanny score for the last year: 5! That is 5 nannies in a bit … Continue reading

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Migrating from Picasa to Lightroom on OS X

Picasa team must be grumpy. Their baby has failed to thrive in Google’s cloud, the desire for images to be managed locally incompatible with Google’s dream. It took me a while to give up on it, I have 20K images, … Continue reading

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Our Eichler Remodel in Palo Alto

This was my third remodel in 14 years. First one was a transformation of a cottage in Old Palo Alto into a modern. It ended up looking great thanks to my architect dad. It was also over budget, and a … Continue reading

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QTKitPlayer XCode 3 port

I am back to hacking the Mac. It feels wonderful, why did I ever leave? Oh yes, when I left, we had no socket library or virtual memory, and I was writing a browser, and OS X was still way … Continue reading

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